The Wind of God

Yesterday morning, I have the chance to see some lost souls — people who decided to forget everything and act against their best interests. They were rude to others, selfish, and try to insult everyone. We may call them evil, but I would not go that far. However, at that moment, some ideas and visions came to me: The wind of God. I just saw that or imagined however we want to call it. What was it? It was a wind of a white light moving freely through us if we allow it. I guess all of us initially let that in, but then with the first sin, we have created a shield, a dark shield. And, as long we are shielding us from light, we become shadows.
So, how can we remove this shield? Well, it is no magic involved. We only need to let go of anger and hate, but most of all, fear and one fear, specifically: the fear of love. Once we know love, we know compassion, and we can put ourselves in other’s shoes. And not just people, but any being. That is the time when we become vulnerable to the Wind of God. That is the time of the return of the lost sheep. One by one, we will get there, and the more we spread the word of pure happiness coming from the source of light, the Wind of God will get through everyone.
Do not be afraid; it is what we were intended for: come here, forget and remember. And then we can go back to the source that brought us into existence without regrets or Karma to be paid, but with knowledge for the next level.
Once again, we cannot force anyone into the light if they have their eyes closed. They may not see it. But we can make them remember the light, and that will trigger the shift. We can be part of the process, and we know we are all part of the process since we are all brothers and sisters of the One.