Follow Your Path

We live in a crazy society that confuses us every single day through media, school, work, or only by interacting day after day with a cripple system. It is clear that we have been tested hard, but it is no excuse for what we are doing, or better said for what we are not.
I was talking with some colleagues at work, and I have realized that I have been looked up as communist, anarchist, or God knows how many other terms would be attributed to me. I know that I have to correct myself. I have always tried to stick to the right and just, but many times I have been misunderstood. I do not try to tell people to create anarchy or to start revolutions when I talk about a group of people who lost their way, either they are part of the government or corporations. I am only trying to spread the word to engage people into spiritual because the spiritual revolution is the only way that humanity can be saved.
We have seen it all over: politics do not help, wars are disasters, and governments get corrupted by its people since the Roman Empire or even from before. Are we insane as Einstein described it? “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” How many enlightened people must come here and die before we are listening? We must follow our path, which is a common one: the way to spirituality and love. It is hard to do so? Yes, it is, but that cannot be an excuse. We have chosen to be here on Earth, to live in a dense plane, and to go through difficult situations. Every single obstacle that we overcome is a closer step to enlightenment and spiritual progress. Awaken, and heaven is ours! We have been waiting long enough. One life or many, we have come to the point that is a crossroad; once again. We can choose the same path as before and becoming insane, or the way of God and arrive safely home.