Enlightenment: A Spiritual Revolution

Today my inspiration move toward explaining “Enlightenment.” Of course, this is my interpretation, and if it does not align with everyone, please do not take it as an offense. We read many literature books or holy books, and we are always interested because that is the final stage of our evolution, to become enlightened. However, this process is not a finite adventure. It is like anything in life, the more we learn, the more we realize that we know so little. But after all, how is to be enlightened, or what is enlightenment. Well, it is nothing complicated, and it is so easy to achieve that we can do it in no time. We must practice only one thought that is and was always part of us, which is love. Is that complicated? Through love, we come to an amazing understanding of life and spirit. We understand acceptance and forgiveness. How come? When we love, we accept people even, we make mistakes, and further, we can forgive ourselves and others. May sound like a cliche, but believe me when I tell you to practice. All those lessons are from God, and we cannot deny them. We are spiritual beings, and as such, we have to prove it. We must begin the revolution, the spiritual one.
And when I am talking about a spiritual revolution, I am talking about love and peace. How many times have we tried to fight? How many combat revolutions we must commit until we realize that is not the way? I have had my own experience in Romania, and like everyone else, I have been tricked at that time. Revolutions come and go, people die for their cause, and in the end, the history repeats itself. We have only one chance left: to try something new, to escape to God, and stay there. I wish, and I know we can do so. We do not have to think of others to change. We must start with ourselves — a simple necessary step to global enlightenment.