The Stillness of Water

Water is covering more than seventy percent of the globe, and yet we refuse to learn from its teaching. Many of us heard the comparison of thoughts and water in meditation, and the analogy is brilliant. No matter how much wind and rain mess up with the water surface, down deep, everything is so still and so calm that some being there would not imagine what is happening on the outside. Same it happens with our thoughts. The surface mind keeps messing up with us. We keep thinking and fighting our thoughts, but during meditation, when we go deep inside is a beautiful silence. And what do we gain from that silence? We gain so much. We gain wisdom; we achieve peace, we attain happiness, and more than everything, we learn of God’s presence. We only have to stand still like water in the deep. We put our thoughts in a state of imponderability, just like a astronaut in space or a diver in the deep.
Why do we like water and feel happy to be in its presence? Scientists said that is because we are mostly water, but we know and feel it is more to it. Water resonates its energy with our energy, and we become at peace. Water is us, after all. It could be angry or peaceful, but it always reaches a state of balance, and we must do the same if we want to live in self-inflicted harmony. Let us meditate or contemplate the beauty of the world, and peace will come our way.
Many may read my words and believe nothing of it, but at least I would like everyone to try. Close your eyes in the silence, and if your thoughts become a storm, think of a beautiful water lake or ocean. Use images rather than words, and the state of stillness will come. As I said, close your eyes and listen to silence, and you may hear something that others refuse to hear. Yes, in silence is more knowledge than any pop music we listen daily in our headset. Silence is the music of God.