Faster and Faster

We run through life faster and faster, and we then miss everything. Society pushes us through the finish line, but we do not realize that we have no direction. The finish line is not after all our desired destination, and in the end, we can only feel sorry for ourselves. We are here with a magnificent purpose, but we have to be fully aware of it. So, how do we change direction? First of all, we have to slow down. We know what happens to a car that moves fast, trying to change direction suddenly; it is rolling over and crashes. We do not want that. The beauty of it is that we slow down our perspective changes. We come to see clearly what before was only flashes of light or colors. And that is the moment of our realization. Realization of life and destination, but more awareness of the beautiful journey that we have enrolled upon. We have to let go, lose control, and surrender to the higher selves. Someone had commented that such ideology is a mistake, that is not a planned adventure, and we have to be in control to have a successful life. The only glitch with that idea is that we have been corrupted, and success is defined not by our standards, but by society, or better said other individuals. I am not suggesting that we have to live a life in misery but to look up what we have to with our lives. When we follow blindly the system looking for more money, better positions, or bigger homes, we may forget the true purpose. So, let us slow down, look around, and re-evaluate. Our journey may become evident, just like switching to a better quality image. We see all the details and the vibrant colors of that picture. That would be the point when we do not want to accelerate anymore, and the spiritually polluted environment will not be able to distract us any longer.