God’s Calling

What happens with us once we get older? Why do we have more of a feeling that we want to be united with God? And why do we die after all? So many questions into such a tiny human mind. However, the answer is as simple as our existence: it is God calling to us. No matter what life we live, what good or evil we have done, God is always with us, reminding us every moment that we are his creation. Many of us refuse to listen to that calling, but no matter what, the soul is always connected. If we could only detach for a moment from the material world, we would feel the source right through and inside of ourselves. But no, we keep asking the dumb question: why? Why is that happening to me, why did I get sick and why I died?
We must realize that when we finish the game, we must start another one, and that is also valid for the play called life. We know that we have chosen the way and the time of our departure, even that our mind and physical body refuse to listen to it. We get older and the time comes, but we do not want to let go and accept that we have to return home to God, to the source.
There may sorrow and sadness when we depart, but that is part of the experience here on Earth. Love is what makes us feel that way because, even in this limited plane, love is all that is. But not to worry, we will see the loved once again. I have such experience through a past life hypnosis session, and I can tell as much: all the feelings of sadness will go with us, but will dissolve in the City of Light. Do not be afraid of God’s calling; it is the calling of a loving Father.