The Opposite State of Mind

Today I would like to talk about the different states of mind. I have tried to write on this blog or in my book about many things related to spirituality, life, or philosophy of life. Every inspiration that God has sent me through imagination, people, or events, I decided to put it on paper.
Now let us see what does it mean when someone reads something, and it is in contradiction with his or her own belief? It is the opposite state of mind that makes us becoming angry and offended. When someone, for instance, leaves a comment on a book or an article and that comment is full of rage, that means that mind and especial mister ego, the child of mind, is acting fast and impulsive. The idea is that everyone comes to the universal truth by finding it through a personal revelation. Sometimes my truth resonates or inspires others; other times, it is not. When is not my truth, what do I do? Well, I leave that material and move on. I personally love the word of Jesus, Lao-Tzu, or more recent teachers as Yogananda or Dr. Wayne Dyer. As long I may appreciate others, for instance, Deepak Chopra or Oprah, they do not resonate with me and my ideology. I would be ashamed to start talking and bashing their work. They have inspired so many, after all.
As I have said many times, we need to stop feeding the ego. Then and only then, our humbled soul will surface and take over, leaving the mind behind to serve as a great tool but not to be a master. Let us be humbled and accept everything that does not seem to be like us. Let us accept that the opposite state of mind is great when it is used to be constructive and not harmful.
Even when we need to have an opinion, which is not necessarily positive, let our soul talk and not the mind. Let us remember the state of love and be humble. Humbleness is a great gift that enhances the soul and shows us that we have evolved, and that is not a weakness, as many people say.