Who Am I?

Tricksters are planning a new elaborate scenario to divide us: through races, sex, or any orientation that can be exploited. And we are falling for it. Some are consciously taking advantage, some unconsciously fighting for “their rights.” Women, homosexuals, black people, Indians, Arabs, and any other race or community or even sports fans are caught in an unbelievable trap. Instead of realizing we are all the same and we are all one, we start a fight with anyone who we believe is different. Endless debates, forums, blogs encourage anyone to take a stand. And for what? To destroy ourselves and let a few to win over us. We have moved away from the real problems into a cheap theatrical arena. We have been deceived, just like the Romans were fooled into gladiators game. And next, another tool is used if we want to speak up: fear. We have been obstructed from expressing our opinions pretending that we can hurt someone. Jokes are not allowed anymore, and this behavior reminds me of a regime I had to endure: the communism.
Yes, I have lived in communism for more than 18 years, and I can say all the liberties that I have mentioned above have been stripped away. However, in that case, most of us knew that the system was broken. Now, a new experiment is testing us, masked under the ideology of “human rights.” Some who are infected with power want to take control and keep experimenting on us, humans. Communism, socialism, capitalism, or any other form of so-called democracy is doing nothing else but separate us in divided cells.
One belief has never failed us, though: spirituality. Every action that some of us try to take here on Earth cannot defeat God. And they know it, so they are trying to make us forget God. Putting doubt in our hearts is the most elaborate trick that we must not fall for. Rember God, and we remember who we are.