The True Power of Reiki

What is Reiki, one may ask? The name Reiki comes from a Japanese, Dr. Mikao Usui, and it is a form of energy healing. It may look magical for many of us, but the truth is that such an understanding of energy is ancient. How did Jesus perform those miracles? Did he not use the same form of healing energy? Imagine that we have the light of the sun. We may amplify this light through a magnifying glass, and we can obtain unimaginable heat. The same thing is happening with God’s energy, energy coming from the source, that may be invisible to the naked eye, or any other senses. We can focus and amplify that energy and directed to another being for healing purposes or cleansing, we may say. Yes, we can tap into this energy and do miraculous things, just like Jesus did.

How do we tap into this energy? We can learn from the reiki technique, or when we detach ourselves from the quotidian and negativity. Dr. Usui is an enlightened being who wanted to show us that such a thing is possible. We have to start it by merely injecting our good thoughts and prayers. That is an amazing power that we possess, and we are not aware of it. The real power of Reiki is, in fact, the true power of ourselves. What happens if we do not believe it? Well, it is very simple. We lose that power or better said we could not use it. It is the well-known expression of “you must have faith,” or “you must believe.” When we believe we are mighty powerful because that is the time when we connect to God and perform miracles. All miracles are the work of God; we are merely his workers. One thing has become clear to me: such action must be done with love and compassion. Arrogance, greediness, and ego-centrism will prevent us from anything good to happen.

Now, one may ask, “if I would like to learn and take a course, should I charge money after all?” The answer is yes, but we have to be moderate. Unfortunately, we leave in a word that is far from where supposes to be. Any of us should have a decent life, so we cannot do it for now without charging for our service. We have to put that in mind and not be ashamed of our actions. If we want to help and fulfill our purpose, we need to do what is right for us to succeed. Again, do not expect to get rich or do not plan to get rich. Plan to help others, and the rest will be left to God.