The Blessing of Rain

Today in the morning, walking to work, started raining, not just a drop but a bit heavy I would say. It wasn’t to warm, so many were rushing out or opened the umbrella. I let the water touching my face, and at that moment, I felt blessed. As usual, when we connect, we get a whole story without words. The rain was the tears of God, and I felt humbleness and compassion. Suddenly I knew the power of water. And not the power in our physical world, but the spiritual one. As the rain kept falling from the sky, I felt the purification, and I understood the process of many religions that use water as a cleansing tool. God created water to make us understand the flow of life, acceptance, love, and forgiveness, as well as a mechanism that removes the unwanted energy from our bodies. How is water teaches us all of that? Well, water has many forms, it could be drops, it could be waves, it could be wild rivers, but in the end, it is becoming the beautiful ocean. Every single drop returns to its source, and no matter what form it had before as calm or violent, the ocean accepted all of them back with love and forgiveness. We are the drops, the river, the storm, or any other form that we want to manifest, but in the end, without even being asked for forgiveness, God welcomes us with love and only love. We return in love and contentment and become back pure love. The thing is that we can return before returning. It may sound like a paradox, but it is so easy to understand. Through contemplation and meditation, we can realize that right here on Earth, we can love, be loved, and be at peace. The detachment from the physical world makes us remember our home, the word from where we came. We are as well as the water, God’s creation, and we are built to act like God by default: be one, love, and be at peace. It is so much to understand from a banal rain if we are willing to connect and listen carefully to the word of God without hearing any word of man. We can contemplate water as long as we live, and the more we look into the vast ocean, the more lessons we receive. One last thing to mention is the oneness. Did you ever watch the rain falling on the glass window? There are bigger drops, smaller drops being formed, but then they quietly unite and move on. There is no fighting while they become one.