Play Your Own Cards

I have tried not to write about the virus that circulates lately into our world, but it came to me that I have to bring a little contribution to all of us who want to listen. First, I would like to say I do not watch the news for a long time now, but even so, friends and family keep bombarding me. And, I have to say everything coming my way does not sound good. But it is okay in my world because I have chosen to play my own cards. The reason I am writing this article is that I am sure everyone can elevate to a level above the crazy news of the virus. This event is an indicator for me of how many people choose fear over love and God; there are too many. Everyone knows how it is going to be and injects their fear into others. We cannot stop them from doing so, but definitely, we can protect ourselves. And not by staying indoor buying all the frozen food and cans we can buy, but through God’s calling. What can we do? We can meditate and pray, and always with love and strong belief. After all, death is nothing to be worried about, isn’t it?
Let us analyze a bit how the mediation and prayers should look like. We, through God and the universe, do not really perceive negative connotations so that we can act from a higher vibration.
In mediation: Through visualizations, we can see us full of white light and love. We see us healthy and prosperous and know that nothing can break our peace. The best protection that we can have from being corrupted is to imagine a white pyramid of light covering our bodies. The white light is the most positive force that can keep us away from negative thoughts because, after all, the thoughts are the energy that can lower us down to a lower vibration that resonates with negativity, including alarming news, horrifying predictions, and ultimate, fear.
In prayers: We must always pray to be healthy and happy. As I have mentioned, praying not to get sick have a different effect. Once we think about sickness, our mind, and automatically our prayers will be focused on that. The negation does not have the impact that we wanted.
Once we follow those basic rules, we are at peace, and nothing can affect our mood and future.
I am going to bring here also the events that have depicted in the bible. Do you remember when Jesus traveled and cured people from terrible diseases? How was that he never got sick, or being afraid to get sick? That was because of love. He is pure love, and that energy is untouchable. He told us, “What I can do you can do and even more.” Let us do it then. Let us spread love and not fear, let us pray and meditate for us and all others, let us be human and help the one in need. That is the only way to suppress this artificially created situation. When I say artificially, I refer to spirituality. In a spiritual world is no fear, no anxiety, but only love. All the news and terrible predictions are merely a global manifestation of many souls who forgot God and his love. They act like children who are lost: in fear and terror.

Remember our father, remember love, remember we are all one, and everything is going to be alright.

God bless