The Power

Recently, I have had an interesting discussion with some friends, and I have come to a simple conclusion: I must talk an try not to hurt people. I am trying to free the spirits and look at everything with an open mind, but at the same time, I came to realize that people may think I incriminate them. I remember once again the word of the Spirit Guide that I have opened my book Fulfillment with: “Be gentle.” I will be more gentle because I do not want to make people believe that they are at fault for what happened in their lives, or they are sinners. I only want to let people know that we are mighty, and we can easily change our lives the way we wanted. Was not Jesus the one saying, “You can move the mountain if you have belief as much as a mustard seed?” That is a great, simple, and a wise statement that we refuse to understand. We have the power, but we must be willing to overcome our limits.
Everything that we achieve in life is based on our willingness to believe it, to have faith. Only then we can create miracles in our lives or others. Miracles are nothing more than our recognition of being God-like, as Jesus told us as well. “What I can do you can do, even more.” Those simple words stay with me, and I wish that everyone will come to realize that beautiful truth.
I know, within these times (talking about the virus of 2020), we become scared of watching all the terrible news on TV. But we should not be worried, and always we should believe in God and belive in us. After all, death is not scary, but a merely natural event that brings us back home. We keep going to church and saying we believe in God, we believe in Heaven, but then we are afraid to die. That makes us non-believers. I am not promoting here the idea of doing anything and die, but the idea that we can cure ourselves with pure and positive consciousness—the more who believed that we could beat the disease, the better the results. Prayers and meditation are the keys to anything that we may consider wrong, and we do not want to happen. Let us pray for us and others, let us meditate in an attempt to connect and join the source, let us help each other and stop being selfish. That is the only way we can succeed. Maybe, after all, staying indoor is a catalyst for regaining our humanity and connect to another human being. It can bring us back to the origins of being a compassionate and loving person. Just for a moment, let us forget about us entirely and return our face to God. It would not hurt anyone to do so.

God bless all beings.