Give Away and You Will Be Received!

We have heard that expression many times by now. It is one of the mottoes of the church, even that the church may have distorted its meaning. People may believe that if they give money to the church, their souls will be saved. Well, that may not be the case.
Giving must have a meaning; otherwise, it is useless. And giving has so many forms. In our society, we learn that most of the time, giving means material goods or money, but that is way down on the list of being saved.
We can give ourselves to God, and that is the main form of giving because, under that circumstance, we would act like God.
What do I mean by that? It is simple. What are the principal characteristics of God? He acts with compassion, love, and his only role is to help and serve. When we assume that role, there will be no way we have no meaning in our lives. Giving will grow as a natural trait, and we will become fulfilled by the act of giving. Yes, we may not give money to the church, but we may help someone in need. That is the action that will bring that feeling of fulfillment that we have talked about.
From God’s trait, we will remember what does it mean to be human, what do we suppose to do here on Earth, and why we are here. Giving ourselves in full and fulfilling our purpose is where we must be. Jesus gave us the most magnificent example by giving his life for all of us, the ultimate giving that any parent will do for his children. He did not fail to see all of us as his children or his brothers and sisters.
These days we are tested to see if we are human beings, and I hope with all my heart that every single one of us will do at least one act of gratitude to others, with a little bit of food, thought, or any compassionate action that may be appropriate. It is never too late. God is always waiting for us to return home with grace and humility.

God gives, God serves, God blesses!