Energy Information

These days media propagated a massive campaign of fear. How is that affecting us? Well, the energy of fear is one of the most negative ones. We keep hearing about a virus that can have an extreme impact on the whole globe. I am not here to debate that such a virus is not a reality. I only want to say that a virus is a form of energy that can be defeated at any time, not with a vaccine but with our thoughts. We are equipped with every means necessary to beat any negative energy that interferes with our physical body; just be using our thoughts. During this horrible campaign, I have decided that I will not get sick. I was doing meditation and prayers to be able to access such information to contra-balance the energy of the virus. Even if I have in an environment that everyone will consider very risky, geographically, and being in contact with people from the medical field who dealt with sick patients every day, I was able to stay healthy. Many of us will say it is pure luck, but I am telling you, it is only that we can access the information needed to keep the body energy in balance. Through prayers and meditation, the Universe, God, Source will let us access the information that we need. And the more people will do so, the better the situation will become. Doing so, the virus cannot affect us, even if we get in contact with it, because we have the information to reject the negativity.
How is that possible? We are all one; we are connected even if we do not know or do not agree. If one or many are becoming the antivirus (the energetic information to dispense the virus), then the virus will be removed. That is one main reason that, at some point with any virus that ever existed on Earth, the pandemic stopped abruptly. Based on what I have said, please keep in mind that any of us can become the antivirus. Stop listening to the panicky news that inflicted fear, and focus your energy toward the spiritual world, the source of all existence. It is impossible not to find the answer. The source has all the answers, without exception. God will fix our problems no matter what, but if the more souls are working toward a scope to get the energy information, the faster the cure will take place. The global consciousness will take care of everyone when many agree to fix the problem. Do not be afraid of prayer and meditation, and try to be selfless. Think about all others, no matter how they act. With or without their direct knowledge of the mind, their souls will fall in sync with the positive energy. We are all made that way.