God Is Always With You

My daughter shared with me a nice story that she read over the internet. I am not taking credit for the story, but it was so lovely that I had to post it for people to enjoy and share it.
One day a man died. Moving to the other side, he had an encounter with God. God wanted to show him something exciting. The man’s life was like a walk on the beach, and along the seashore, he could see not one but two pairs of footprints. God told him: “You see, everywhere you walked, I have been with you always. The second pair of footprints was me.” The man was amazed, but on the journey, he saw at some point only one pair of footprints; he realized that was the time of struggle, and he became a little upset. “How come, God, I was all alone when the life tried me so hard?” God smiled and told him: “At that time, I was holding you on my back, son.”