Fear Not


With or without intention, we have been pushed into the corner of fear. Recently, I saw a banner that goes all over the city. It says, “Wear Face Mask.” However, the way was put into the page was clearly meant to induce fear. Initially, when it was on my peripheral, I read “Fear.” We can see it was written in red, and the position of the word “face” was in a way that will promote a subliminal message of fear. (see the picture above)
But why should we fear? There is no fear whatsoever but an illusion of it. Some of us want to take advantage of keeping people in despair. When fear is present, we are not ourselves. I have said it many times; fear is the opposite of love. As such, we can live life fully since love is not present. We are tricked into believing that it is normal to be afraid. There are many articles, pictures, or shows, especially news that promote fear daily.
I have read an article that tried to describe people that are not afraid, of being mentally ill. For instance, if the police stop you, you must be frightened, it is normal, a psychiatrist, the author of the article, said. Fear is promoted as a normal state of mind.
What can we do?
We stop watching and discussing such news. We must return to our senses, to the love of God. Then fear will go away, and it cannot do any harm to us. When most of us will understand this mechanism and found love in our hearts, we will all become free. That will be the beginning of a new era of love and peace.
Fear not and be at peace. The statement is valid for all of us, including the ones who tried to persecute others. They are also us, and they must understand that we love them too. We are all one, and that is a great reason to live with love and peace.