What Does It Mean When We Notice Repetitive Numbers?

I have been inspired to write this blog by seeing so many questions on quora.com about people noticing repetitive numbers and being baffled by it. I am writing this article as it was happening to me in the time of a spiritual awakening .

Many may say that seeing one number regularly does not mean anything, but that may not be true, and most of the time, it is not. We have to keep in mind that the spiritual world and physical world overlap, but communication is not direct, and numbers are often a way to awaken us and connect us with the spiritual. If we are talking that number 12, for instance, is so common, it is a different story when we wake up in the middle of the night, and the clock shows 12:12. When we are checking the car meters, and we see the temperature and the gas indicator showing 12 degrees and 12 miles left, it cannot be a coincidence because there are no coincidences. The signals are being sent for us most of the time before meeting a nexus point. For me, number 4 was predominant, and it came to follow me so hard that I could not ignore it. Even the luggage at the airport was 44.4 pounds or waking up consecutive nights at 4:44. I had asked this question when I was under hypnosis, and the Higher Self clarified that was an awakening message from the spiritual world. The meaning is always specific to the individual, but the end purpose is still the same. What was even more interesting is that the message was sent by myself.

However, number have frequencies that resonate with our energy, and as everyone is unique, those number coud be patterns or sigle repetitive digit.
I strongly recommend going through a hypnosis session, QHHT is one of the best, and ask those questions.
However, many will ridicule us, putting us in the crazy category, but that does not matter. Our purpose will surface, and it will bring peace and clarity to our lives.