Do We Cease to Exist?

Some of us believe that at some point, we will cease to exist. If such a belief takes place, the question does not make any sense. The thing is that it does not matter what we believe toward existence. The laws of the universe and life that God created for us are independent of our beliefs. How do we know? There are tools at our disposal. Past life regression hypnosis is a great one. As an example, I have had a session with a nice lady that did not believe in such existence. As I said, it does not matter. She went to previous lives and beyond in the afterlife. She was surprised to see that we do not cease to exist, and the existence after this life on Earth is literally unbelievable, yet we know it.
Interestingly, we have had this information for a long time, but the more the science progresses, the less we are willing to accept it. Science does great things, but also do an awful amount of damage to spirituality. Why? That is because science does not have all the tools to explain our existence, but still does it. It is time to hold onto the fact that things are not there if we do not see or hear. We still have so little understanding of the physical universe and creation, but we believe we know it all through science. We even dare to explain how the universe created, how Earth was created, and how life evolved, but our arguments are limited and purely theoretical.
If we leave room for the unknown and look of all perspectives with an open mind, we may renew and upgrade ourselves.
Let us know about the spiritual world that we leave behind to come here on Earth, and return when we die. Those memories are always with us if we want to recall them. You don’t have to believe me since it is not the way is working, only ask yourself, and answer from the heart.