The Future

If we are watching the news, we believe that we live in dark times. Everything is from bad to terrible, and we have no escape. The virus is a danger, the economy is dropping, and we think of the future with fear. Now, I am asking, what if we stop watching the news? We have tried for thousands of years to change the world. Revolutions, technology, politics, and still, we go deeper and deeper in despair. Why would that be? The answer, as simple as it is, we refuse to acknowledge it. We must do something different. As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” We are insane; we have a system of “democracy” that proves corruption in every aspect, and still, we do not want to change it. One may say it is not in our power to change anything, but that is what the corrupted system wants us to believe. We must detach from physicality to understand what we need to do. The spiritual path is the only way, not a religion, not organized governments, countries, and boundaries. Spirituality that connects us with the source and reminds us we are God’s creation is the key to change the world. With spirituality, we become once again one with God, and we come to the realization we are all one, all the same creation, powerful and indestructible. Not physical force is the key. That leads to the path of evil and destruction. Fighting is the creation of the man who forgot God, who automatically became evil. Any form of fighting will bring more evil and more destruction. Only when we refuse to fight and surrender to God, we become free. That freedom is full of love, and fear is not part of it, not even a bit. Freedom comes with compassion for fellow man and every being on this planet. We are born with that kind of love; let us use it for the greater good.
Fear that we contact the virus is the motto of these days, but we must keep in mind that we can stay out of that energy. Every single being that comes into existence is the result of an invisible energy signature. That is the same with a virus or a cell or the whole organism. If we stay away from the signature of the virus, we cannot get sick. And when I mention staying away, I am talking about the mental power. Why was Jesus able to cure people and never got sick? That was because his belief was so powerful that those diseases could not touch him. On the other hand, Jesus said, “What I can do, you can do, and even more.” He reminded us of our power, but we refuse to listen. With love, good intention, and humbleness, we are always protected by God. Intention and belief are the most important actions that would protect us.
Now I would like to bring a simple exercise described by Dolores Cannon after many hypnosis sessions, as information brought forward by the Higher-Self. Imagine a cone of white light covering your body, even the underneath of your body, at all times. We may say that white light is for our protection, a veil from God’s arsenal. That white light is very powerful and protective. Every day follow this exercise as a meditation mantra, and we will see the result in being healthier, happier, and fearless. It is a mental process that ultimately will connect us with the source. In meditation are also similar techniques: white light entering from the top of your head and filling up your body, or for physical pain, white light concentrated in the part of your body where the tension takes place.
White light is nothing else but the energy source that helps us revive life when we accept it. Let us do these exercises daily, and the result will come. As a note, keep in mind that we can do it for others as well, with the condition that they accept it.
Only remember, love, compassion humbleness are the ingredients.