They Have Me

In our day-to-day conversations, how many times we say my house, my dog, my cat, or my children, and so on. We have this given principle that we must-have possessions, goods, and beings in this physical world. It is only an ego’s point of view that satisfies it. Ego needs possessions, no matter what. Now, let us say we want to give up our egos. Let us revert the way we think. I do not have a family, but the family has me, or the dog has me, or the people have me. We are here to mimic God’s thinking, and that is to give and serve others. When we are saying others have us, we align with the Source. Others have us, makes us the servant that we all suppose to be. Imagine that all of us will revert to this basic principle. No more needs for ownership; still, we all are being served by others and serve others. No more ego will be present on our planet, and we become the real God’s messengers. We can start with the first interaction, our families. Let us serve them. Let us apply this teaching, and maybe they will follow by serving me back. I have said it so often; we cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves. One brick at a time and the house one day will stand tall. No need to blame others for anything that we consider bad happening with us, as long we refuse the change, the shift to spirituality.
Let us start the day by saying, “How may I help you?” Let us stop judging others and look at them as human beings. Let us be nice to each other, and all this amazing energy will flood the universe and will rebuild Heaven. Please allow me to have me; I am willing.