Mental Immunity

It is a long time now since we live with this virus that has brought to many of us the fear that paralyzes our senses. We stayed inside, we stopped seeing our friends and family, and every day we were listening to a sick media that loves to inject fear throughout all channels.
We became the panic impersonated and waited with emotions the salvation, not the gods’ promised land but the vaccine that will save us all. And then we hear voices that tell us that we need more vaccines since there are so many versions of this virus. Well, this is another way to keep the fear state at a high degree level.
And what is this for? Why are we so afraid? Do we fear death? It looks that most of us do, but we must consider that we cannot die without having a life. A life lived in fear is a terrible illusion and not a real life. Living in a state of fear, we are already dead and only existing in a self-created hell, right here on Earth.
Now, I will bring the good word. We do not have to be afraid. We can protect ourselves from any virus only by using our mental abilities. We may have heard about the placebo and nocebo effect or about people being cured by the power of the mind, but deep down, we may not believe it. I would like you to think about it because that is the first step. And I would love to make you believe that is possible. I will give you my own example. I was traveling during the pandemic worldwide, from Europe to many places in the USA. But I always have meditated and pray to keep all malefic energies away. One day talking to a friend and telling him about my travel and the fact that I never got sick, he said that maybe I was immune. The first thought was, “How can I be immune since I have never got infected,” as the medicine explained that immunity scheme. Then I have come to understand that, yes, I am immune by my mental preparation. That is the secret that we have been cut off for a long time by people who lead us into disaster after disaster. Reading more and looking back in history, this knowledge was always available, even in ancient times that we consider primitive. But it was there. Jesus talked about it, but we have decided to ignore it and trust ourselves with some miraculous pills or vaccines, while our beautiful creation from God, our bodies, and mind were discredited.
People, please wake up and trust in yourselves, trust in God’s creation, and find the spiritual cure that is love and not fear. Love for yourself and others will bring peace and contentment. Love for God will move us away from the fear of death. We are powerful beings who have been made to believe we are weak. That is the only way we will be defeated. Let us all use the mental abilities to beat any lousy energy vibration, including the virus, and we will return to our default state of happiness and love.
Let us all try to meditate and pray to remove darkness from our lives, and we will see the light.