Mediation for the Good Earth

Yesterday, while doing my meditation, my thoughts were invaded with a particular type that I had to proceed with. I am not sure how and who send it to me, but I have done it, and I would love to explain it to everyone who would like to help our realm. As a fact, I have been told telepathically that I have to encourage people about doing it. It is called “Mediation for the good Earth.”
Close your eyes and visualize the white light coming down top of your body through the crown chakra, top of your head. This beautiful white light rapidly fills up your body, and then from your heart, this white light starts to expand around you circularly. You are the center, and the light grows all the way. Visualize the light covering your immediate surrounding and illuminate the surface of the Earth spiritually. This light is not like regular light because we can control its speed. Slowly, it covers more and more of the Earth, and when we see dark spots, we stopped the light from expanding faster and insist upon those spots. Those dark spots we visualize without using our minds. Those are the stressful energy created by all beings on this planet, but especially humans.
Nest step, we visualize other people doing the same type of meditation, and upon the intersection of the light beam, we will create a powerful bright force that will be much more effective in cleansing the Earth.
We continue until the whole globe will be covered with this beautiful, powerful protective light.
Now we connect with Earth consciousness, thank her for taking care of us, and ask for forgiveness. We became one with the Earth and visualize Heaven right here right now. We are not just experiencing this incredible setting, but we are part of it.
Now it is time for us to elevate. We see ourselves moving up in the sky and still emitting this beautiful light. We are the center of it, and this light goes all the way without barriers. We illuminate everything, Earth, Moon, Solar system, and beyond. We see the Earth as a beautiful globe of light, and through it, we know the density is slowly dissipating, leaving behind a world of beauty with no limitations.
Now, we can observe the Earth’s Soul. It is an amazing feeling to be one with it.
Then we slowly, just like a leaf, are coming down and starting acknowledging the physical environment. We become aware of this reality and open the eyes.
The more people will do this meditation with love and a benevolent intention, the faster we will proceed to the next level that is upon us.

Peace and love