To Judge or Not to Judge

Someone said, “Never judge someone without knowing the whole story.” Many of us agreed that is a wise sentence, but now I am asking you: Do you believe in judging? First, I will start my story with a newborn. When we are born and start this journey, we do not have preconceptions about others; most of us do not. We do not say my grandpa is fat or grandma old. We loved them for what they are. But growing up the society teaches us a horrible lesson: The judging lesson. We are being thrown in a rat race competing against each other, and inevitable, we start “realizing” that we are brighter than others, we are braver than others, we are taller than others. And the teaching does not stop here. We get into money and goods, and we believe again that we are better than others just because we have more money or a more expensive car. All this destructive way of thinking is moving us away from humanity and God. After all, we do nothing else but judging others by comparison. I hope you get my point when I talk about being human. As humans, we have built-in features as love and compassion. These traits are the best features that we should keep and use during a life on Earth. It is a reason that when we see any being in distress, we feel it too. And that reason is that the pain of the world and perhaps the whole universe is ours as well. We are a branch from the tree of life, and that is why we are connected. What we have done during our evolution is to forget the tree. We decided that we are separated from others, and as a logical result, we must compete and run over them if possible. From that thought, another monster is born: the ego. And ego needs feeding to grow and survive, so we feed it. We laugh at the pain of others, we judge others for the benefit of inflating our ego, and then this monster takes over.
“I would say never judge someone, period. Judging others is a manifestation of the ego. When judging, we believe we are better than the one who is judged.”
As a matter, we should stop judging ourselves as well. We make mistakes; all do; it is part of life. But there is a reason for those mistakes, and that is to learn and grow. If we keep judging and condemning ourselves for all mistakes that we have done, we may end up with zero learning. We may leave this life with more baggage than we came in with. That would translate into even more bad Karma that we have to fix. Instead, we may look into forgiveness. Forgiving is the best remedy to repent our sins.
So, if you read this article, please try to keep a love check in your mind at all times. Then the surprise will come to all of us: judging will be obsolete.