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Is the Soul Human?

Someone asked me this question, and I found it very appropriate to post a detailed answer on my blog. Some of us debates the very existence of a soul or the existence of the other realm that the one we live in right now. Many of us fell asleep contemplating that very question or have dreams that give strange answers. Either way, that is a fascinating question, and I am sure you already know its answer, of course, your version. I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge, and I believe I will have it covered.
Interestingly, I retrieved this question precisely at the exact moment when I was writing a chapter in my new book, which has the title “What is a soul.” First of all, I will solve this equation right from the start: our soul is not human because being human is a small part of a great game that we play in a three-dimensional world. I will not paste from my book here, but to make the story short, souls are not material but an energy that can manifest in a physical world. Manifestation is the direct result of the power that is responsible for creation. As a result, our souls can manifest as humans, animals, plants, aliens, or anything we can find in the universe. As a matter of fact, the whole Earth is a manifestation of a soul, or I may say a soul farm. During past life regression hypnosis sessions, many souls found themselves in unbelievable positions. Some were fish, some dolphins, and more interesting, I had a gentleman in a hypnosis session who brought forward his souls manifesting as air or water. It was a beautiful experience through his human body.

Why will a soul manifest so many things? That is because we, the souls, are on a journey of self-discovering and learning. Our souls are not ours, but they are us. We are the souls experiencing and playing the role of humans at this point. Of course, I am referring to all of us that can read and understand what I am writing. Other souls that have chosen to experience other than a human being still have the same kind of an experience on Earth when they choose to be animals, plants, or any form of existence in the universe.
I hope I give you a good incentive to start asking questions to yourself. And believe me, when you do so, the answers will not wait to come out.