Spiritual Freedom

What is spiritual freedom? One may prefer to answer as a choice of each individual, which is a very pertinent answer. However, that choice is not easy to make, especially in a society that tries to impose so many rules and regulations on us, ultimately affecting the option we are about to make. We must evaluate all decisions that we make in the physical realm and come with a plan and conclusions of how we can achieve our goals. Now, for instance, if the society through government will impose the restriction to stop believing in God, will you, the believer, revolt? Most likely, you will. But now I am asking you, what does believing in God mean? Do we want to live life as free beings and do what God instructed us to do? What if my belief is not to alter my body because my body is not actually mine? Would it be against my God to do so? So, will that contradict my spiritual belief by imposing a medical procedure that I consider not God-approved? We agreed to live here on Earth and be limited by the three-dimensional space, but we have never agreed to be enslaved by others. We want to be free of doctrines and be God-like, loving and have compassion for one another.
We should never harm others, and that is common sense which everyone was born with. But some of us twisted this beautiful truth and made us fight each other, which is the actual crime they will have to pay for. Karma will be as cruel as they are, and they will be stuck in a sick reality even after death, which we call hell. However, that is not the subject we discuss here. The reason I brought it up is to bring forth the consequences of our actions. One of them will be to accept the enslavement of our soul and dance on the music that is not ours. If we want to have spiritual freedom, we must stick to our plans. Did not Jesus stick to his plan no matter what? I am not asking anyone to be as brave and dedicated, but we must remember our purpose and do everything in our power to achieve that purpose. We cannot submit to our corrupted leaders just for the convenience of a more comfortable life. When we return home, all the excuses that we did what we did was because of society will not make sense. Shame on us for giving in to non-value and non-spiritual practices! That will be the feeling when we meet God again.