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Geolocation of God

Someone said, “Body is just a shell, a prison-house of the soul.” Well, it can be, but that is was not meant to be. I used to say that “The trinity of Body-Soul-Mind is the geolocation of God.” Let me explain. We, as souls, descend from the source and incarnate on Earth, one of many of God’s creations. We receive a body, and we develop a mind to sustain and experience this life on Earth. The soul is the consciousness and connection with God; the body and mind help us materialize that connection. The only problem is that the soul is the main driver for the experience, while the body and mind are tools that help go through it. If we decide at some point that body or mind are the drivers, then we come to the quote at the beginning of the article. Yes, we can imprison the soul, and the body and the mind can be the guardians of the cell. How is such a crime happening? That takes place when we become fallen angels. We fall for physical pleasure and become addicted to it. We forget the true origins and listen to other amnesiacs around us. If we only remember, my dear soul, what a life could have been. When the soul talks, we, the physical being, get intuition, love, compassion. When the mind talks, we get greediness, selfishness, and hate. And we give birth to another monster: the ego. Yes, you heard it right, ego is a monster that posses us if we allow it. The ego is, in fact, the head of the prison where the soul is being incarcerated. The only way to return to our senses is to get rid of the ego, not to fight it because the fight is feeding it, but starve it. Repeat and mean it every day: I am not better than others; I only have a different experience; I love everyone; I have compassion for any distressed beings. And more than words, follow your heart and help as much as you can. That is the only purpose that God gave us, help each other.