I Cannot Walk Alone in the Darkness

Recently I had a great experience through a past life regression hypnosis session. I went for it because I was a little worried about our future. I wanted to help more within the light process, and even I did not go all the way through to communicate with Higher-Self, I got my answers strong and clear. We want to be the light, well, we can be, and light will illuminate the darkness that we have created out of ignorance and fear. But being of light is not much use to walk alone. It is great to see the light on the mountain when you are lost, but how would it be to see a city of lights?
During my session, I entered a beautiful room with a table in the middle, and on the table was a source of light, not like a lamp, more like a thousand suns. The reflection of the walls was nothing less than the source. However, when I paid more attention, I realized that the room was circular, but the walls were not walls but people. Everyone absorbed the light and sent it back with the same force, and their bodies no longer had human features like faces or physical muscle structure. They were more like a light in the shape of a body. I saw an empty space, and I felt the invitation to join the circle, which I took without hesitance. Immediately I was transformed in one of them, a body of light, and the feeling was of pure happiness. The most exciting part was about to be revealed to me. In a total synchronization, like we were one, we have turned around, and we were all facing the outside. It was total darkness there, but from our circle, the light started moving slowly, like water, or even slower than that.
The darkness began to fade away, and we could see people there, tons of them. The tragedy was about to start. Most of them, having scary and grotesque faces, screamed so loud, and I could interpret without words that they were saying that the light was blinding them, being too strong. Only a few enjoyed the light, and I saw joy and happiness on their faces. In no time, they joined the circle, which became larger. The bigger the ring became, the faster light was moving. However, as I said, many people were screaming and moving away from the light into the darkness. When I realized they do not come back, I had a real feeling of sorrow and pain, like I would lose a big family at once. I felt a sharp pain in my chest, and I have started crying like never before, and through tears, I kept saying: “They run away from the light, they go into the darkness; they do not know what they are doing.” It was very intense and taxing at the same time. One day later, and pain is not going away. Through feelings, I got a couple of messages. One that we cannot force the light on anyone, second that you cannot walk alone in the darkness. One’s light may not help the same as we work together.
Not strangely, though; those were a few of my main questions when I went for this hypnosis session.