The “Do Not”

It is not surprising to see when people advise others. And yes, I am not against that, as long we use the “do” and not the “do not.” It may sound senseless but think a little before start arguing. Let get the examples of enlightened beings who walked on this Earth. Jesus said, “Love each other” and not “Do not hate each other.” First of all, the second can exclude the first as well. But more than that, we have to look into the word resonance. Love has tremendous energy, and when we say the word associating that power with our feelings, we suddenly start a revolution inside us. Our souls agree with our physical beings, and then is when we awaken and reconnect with God.
Looking at what our brain does to us scientifically, we realize that negation is not understood in the sub-conscience. Someone did a simple experiment when I was taking an NLP course. He said: “Do not think of a pink elephant.” And he repeated that few times in a hypnotic voice. When he was done, he asked the audience: “What do you think of?” Most of the people did think of a pink elephant. It was clear that the “do not” did not work as we had expected. We, humans, are being trained involuntarily by our parents, and we do the same with our children to push the “do not” in everything we do. And later in life, we are told the same at work, in public places, or anywhere else in society.
The “do not effect,” as I would like to call it, has a couple of repercussions. The more we are told, the more we want to do that “do not” or implants a terrible fear in us. The second is the worst terrible result. We may look at people when they see a “do not” sign. “Do not cross into the park,” for instance. We see no one there, no other explanation, and we still have that fear that paralyzes us. If someone ignores the sign and tries to go into the park, we may even start yelling at him and try to make him stop. Our fear must be transmitted to others, just like a virus.
Let us move into the prayers. Prayers have unbelievable powers, and we always have to pray positively. And by intuition, we do so. We pray for health, for the good of the people, and always we do pray, asking to receive and not asking by “do not.”
When we tell our children “do not” in that authoritarian way, we should keep in mind that those children grow the fear inside them. And fear is the opposite of love. The best reward is when our children do things out of love and not fear. And same is true for all of us.