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What If We Are Hypnotized?

Someone asked me a question on the Quora platform.
Is it possible to hypnotize someone without them knowing it?
In short, the answer is yes, but let me try to expand the idea.
Governments, people on top are succeeding very well with all these techniques. What is hypnosis, one may ask? In scientific terms, hypnosis is when parts of the brain become more active, and others are less active. It could be considered as a dream state. Isn’t that what is happening to us on a daily routine? We are being convinced to buy more stuff, cars, houses for exorbitant prices, enslaving ourselves, and that is being done through media in all its forms. All the advertisements are made to project a false reality that we end up wanting it. We are going from a simple induction when watching TV shows to a full hypnosis state when we cheer passionately and fight over one sports team or another. Almost everything that is promoted through our society has that hidden scope to hypnotize us. Are they doing it without our knowledge? You decide.
We must always consider that the more we get involved in debates and media platforms, the deeper we slip into a fake state of mind. As a matter of fact, debates are the worst product of schools in America.
For instance, you may participate in a debate about God’s existence, and you may lose because your arguments are not as strong as the opponent’s. So, the influencer will put the majority into another hypnosis state. People may become atheists, and we cannot do anything about it.
However, I love to say: “If I were to prove the existence of God, I would do nothing about it. I will leave it to you.”
The bottom line is that we must shake ourselves hard and open our eyes wide. Otherwise, we may end this life without meeting our purpose but sleeping during the whole journey.