Find Yourself

Many of us may have an identity crisis, typical for people on the awakening path. We do not know who we are, where we came from, or what we are doing here on earth. So, that is a confusing time where we need to find ourselves, our true selves. I always liked to bring into the picture common analogies that make us understand the process. Imagine visiting a museum of some sort, and one of the very realistic paintings was done after a photo at a concert. The scene is painted over a vast wall. Once you pay attention, you come to realize that you were part of that concert. At this point, you are absolutely sure you are in the picture and eagerly start looking for your face. The thing is that the faces are recognizable but very small. You look one by one, but it takes very long, and frustration kicks in. At this time, you are almost ready to give up. Well, that is our story. We try too hard to figure out our purpose that we forget how to look for it. Now, let us step back and see why we could not find our face in that painting. First, we did not try one second to remember details; we had no patience. If we had tried to look better at the scene, we might have recognized the approximate location of our spot. What did we remember seeing at the concert? What was the angle, and so on?
That is what we do in our lives. We rush and do not have time to see the details. We move too fast that everything becomes blurry. And if we do not realize that, we still try to look for signs for the next exit. If someone tells us that the right thing is to move on the right, we do it without thinking much. That is our problem. First of all, we have to slow down, and during the awakening process, we need to take it easy. We may want to look for repetitive numbers or other signs because we have heard what happened to others, which does not work either. I have to confess here I have the exact expectations. I wanted to get the process to move faster, but the good thing is I realized in time that is not the way. The awakening happens for everyone at its own pace. There is no one better than others in the awakening. Also, one may be good guidance for another, but that would be all. We cannot take what others expect will be the same for us. We are one, but God, so unique. Let this uniqueness guide us and bring that curiosity that gives us questions and answers as well.
So, yes, it may happen to us when we are getting to a nexus point to have a revelation and do a jump, but that is not mandatory. After all, it is what we have chosen. Some of us want to live with fewer bumps; others jump from the mountains. My humble advice is to meditate, pray, and have no expectations; then, the miracle will arrive at your door without calling it.