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Spirituality and Money

One question I have been asked was “How can I attract money spiritually?”

Well, those two concepts do not go hand in hand. A spiritual person detaches more and more from physicality, including the money concept. With that said, I can assure you spirituality attracts abundance, and once we have aligned with God’s frequency, all we need will be provided.
The concept that the more you give, the more you have is based on the fact that if we are givers, God will provide us with more to give. In contrast, if we are looking for more money because we want more in our account, we may be blocked from getting it since it is not needed to help anyone, including ourselves. Help is the primary concept for our purpose and existence. We help others, and God will help us.
One may ask why rich people want and receive more without giving back? Some call them evil or low frequencies; it does not matter. However, those individuals do not have anything in common with spirituality. They have detached from God and work with forces that live only here in the material world.
Some spiritual people may receive money not because they attract it but because they may have a plan that involves finances, like building homes for the poor or opening a school or a spiritual place, and so on. However, even then, if they are not strong enough, those individuals may be corrupted and forget their promises and contract with God.

The beauty of it is that once we engage on the spiritual path, we get to understand all these things with ease. Knowledge will be provided, and our connection with the source will maintain and enhance our integrity, if we are willing to do so.