Spiritual vs. Physical

What is the difference between the physical and spiritual realm?
I will try to explain it using my best abilities regarding this matter.
One may ask how anyone know this? Well, we only have to look it up with an open mind and a loving heart, and the answers will come, and more than that, we will understand them.
I want to ask any of you if you remember a vivid dream you once may have had. How did that feel? When dreaming, we had terrific abilities like flying or jumping huge distances and thinking how easy all that was. Sometimes we think in our dreams that we will remember and keep these abilities with us even when we awake because it was so simple.
Many of us disregard such dreams, saying it was just a dream, after all, something that we have made up during the night. Here is how an open mind can synthesize the meanings and come to realize that dreams are nothing but travel in the spiritual world. Our physical body is left behind in the room we sleep in, and our true self, the energy that animates the body, travels. The same happens when we practice deep meditation or hypnosis.
The spiritual realm is much lighter than the physical one, and the laws of physics that we believe are true everywhere do not apply. That is the main reason we refuse to believe it.
We are so stuck in physicality, and our logical minds cannot grasp such a concept.
At this point, let us say that we believe that we can travel in the spiritual realm. How can we do things that we cannot do here?
The spiritual realm is not as dense as the physical one. And, to understand this notion, I would like you to imagine something that would be much easier to understand. Imagine that we are in the water up to our necks, and we try to walk. We move slowly, and our movement is not natural; we feel restricted, and anything that we want to do is complicated. Now, we try to walk in the park or run, as a matter of fact. We find it much easier, and the water movement restriction is gone. That is how we feel in the spiritual world. Our limitations are removed, and we become whole again.
But it is more to it. We may have heard about the power of thought and prayers. When we pray and wish strongly for something, our energy waves propagate as well through the physical density, and ultimately we obtain what we asked for. God is answering our prayers, we say. Well, it is not precisely the same in the spiritual plain. As discussed before, the plain is lighter, allowing energies to move and create faster. That would be the reason that when we die and carry our mistakes and guilt with us, we may start creating grotesque things that one may call hell., and these creations materialize right away. We may believe that we cannot be forgiven for what we did on earth, which may throw us into despair. That would be why we must learn and understand forgiveness during our lifetime.
One may ask, how can we be sure there is life after we die? Well, I have been there during a Past life regression session. I have died in a previous life, and I have continued the journey—the most beautiful journey of all.