Spiritual Diet

I can talk here from my experience. Until five years back, I was a “happy meat eater.” At that point, I met a nexus point, and something clicked. I turned myself to a different diet. So, the fact is we do not stop eating meat to become spiritual, but when we move toward spiritual practices, we change our diet completely. First, we get the tacit knowledge of oneness and humbleness. We understand deep inside us that we cannot hurt any being, so we see the act of sacrificing animals we may have followed before as cruel and grotesque. Secondly, we realize that this food affects our spiritual connection. Eating meat is equivalent to assimilating energy with low frequencies; as a result, we may sever the connection with the source. Without any scientific fact, many of us know that meat, alcohol, or coffee are the ingredients that keep us in spiritual darkness. As I had the opportunity to experience both sides, I understood it better. On the other hand, trying to force ourselves to get out of the habit of eating meat may not work because the practice without belief never worked.
I will now ask a simple question. Did any of you present when an animal was sacrificed? Who did that knows what I am talking about. The agony and fear are present, and the observer feels them really hard. The energy generated by the animal touches the lowest energy limits possible. As a result, the meat is impregnated with such energy. And that lower frequency energy will stay when consumed as well. That will affect the consumer, who will have to deal with it. People got so used to consuming such products that they ignored the results entirely. And results are disastrous. Let us keep in mind that any energy a conscious mind creates will stick around. That is why we visit spiritual places and the same the reason we fill uncomfortable if lower energy places.
After all, we must remember that we are all one, including the animals we try to eat. I heard people saying that this is the rule of nature. We are more intelligent so that we can eat them, or others say that animals do not have souls and are here to feed us. We only find excuses for the wrong that we know we do. Using the logic above, we agree that if a higher intelligent alien species come to Earth, they have all the right to kill and eat us. I bet we will not be happy if such a thing happens, and we may complain about the invaders. Well, if we want that not to happen, we must rethink the misleading logic that we use right now until it is not too late.