The Future

How do you think the future is? More and more, I hear people talking about the future, and many end up with the phrase: “It is going to be bad.” We must stop putting our thoughts and souls into believing in a dark future because if we do so, we make it so. We make the future, and as I said, if it is going to be destructive, it is our fault entirely. Leaders through media and television indeed affect us all, but only if we let them. What do you think will happen if we all stop watching television? What if you remove wrong values from our life like money and fame? Do you think anything good may happen? I believe it with all my heart. We have the power, and if anyone tells you differently, they are evil and try to manipulate you.
But most of all, what we have to do is to remove fear from our lives. Future is nothing to be afraid of and not to be thought of. Every moment of the future we experience will be the present for us. Are we fearful of the present? No, we live it and enjoy it.
The key is to have absolute faith, not just spoken but from the heart. There is God as well when faith is there, and with God, we are safe. Do you believe in heaven? Because if you do is no reason to maintain the state of fear. We are temporarily passing through here, which is for our enjoyment, not for living life like a nightmare.
The future is always great because no one and nothing can take away our spiritual beliefs, our soul, and our God. We are mighty beings and can build heaven on Earth together as one.
We may complain about our leaders, politicians, foreign countries, and so on, but in the end, if we accept what is happening, we are part of it, and we are to blame too.
We can choose from infinite possibilities, and yes, we can make a difference. It is only the willingness to accept, let go and move on.
Remember that the future possibility comes as you plan it and repeat it in your mind. Believing everything you hear on TV and media makes us play the victim role, which will bring the possibility of a dark feature. One may look to the journey on Earth with a joyful eye, and that individual will have already chosen a great path. Be that person. The more we become like that, the better the adventure will be; yes, the future will be great.