The Power of the Word

Does a word have power? Many of us believe that words cannot affect us in any way, which could be true if we are able to build a shield around us. However, if we put our energy into the words that we are using, that could affect us first. Imagine that we use the expression “I Hate” with anger. That way, the word gives incredibly low energy and first affects the one who says it. Many do not realize that anger and hate produce what we call an unhappy life. We are the creators and must be cautious with what we create. We can create bliss with love or a miserable life by keeping us in a very low-energy state.
The human being is meant to flourish with love, and if we refuse it, we produce a strong imbalance at a physical and mental level. And then the worse happens; fear crawls in, bringing even lower frequencies to an already broken balance. Angry, selfish people have become physically and mentally sick, and then they may ask why me?
As an experiment, you may have heard of the students who put two plants in the school’s hallway, and to one, they said nicely every morning, “I love you,” and the other, “I hate you.” Initially, plants were the same specimen and had the same amount of sun and water. After a month, the plant that had been told “I love you” was beautiful and green, while the other one was almost dying.
Imagine if we are doing that to ourselves, not for a month but all the time. We are our destroyers, and the “why” would not make sense later.
Going to a global level is the story of the world. When we learn to live with love, the mass consciousness will change the world for the better. Unfortunately, most people leave in fear, which does not help. Fear is the opposite of love; only darkness takes place out of fear. Let us love and bring back the beautiful light of creation. So many teachers told us so, but we refused to listen.
It is time to stop this madness. Love your brother human, love animals, love flowers, love creation, and ultimately love yourself. That is the only way.