Growing Up

Since birth, we hear the expression of “growing up.” We grow up physically; we grow up to be more mature or on a social scale. But today, I will discuss a different growing: the Soul’s growing. That is the most crucial growth since the Soul is actually the true self, and any further physical change is a measure of an illusion. Growing and cultivating our true selves is the reason we are here on Earth.
I will ask you today to indulge in one of the most exciting activities of your brain: the imagination. And I will start here with a simple question. How do you see your soul energy? A beam of light, a sphere of light? What color would that light be?
For my immediate purpose, I will let you know how I see it myself: a sphere of white light, invisible to the naked eye, that interacts with and maintain every day my physical body. Imagine that on the surface of your Soul, you try to store all the garbage of the physical world: material things and emotions. When doing so, we obstruct our true self, the Soul, from growing and expanding. The worst is that we may not just stop growing up, but we may reverse the expansion that happened during this life of the previous ones. Yes, we can shrink down our spiritual development.
It is not a surprise that in meditation, we may see things unrelated to our day-to-day life or not even related to our current life. On the other hand, let us imagine that we remove all these lower energies from the surface. Just keep it clean, like a beautiful globe of white light. Once expanding, we become closer to God, to the Source. And more than that, we can interact with other pure souls who are here in this physical world or different realms.
In that exchange of energy, we may evolve even more, so as you can see, there could be many ways of growing our true selves.
However, a necessary condition is to remove the baggage of lower energy and bad Karma accumulated during our lives. The truth we are looking for is to let go, forgive and love. That is the truth that sets us free.