We have been conditioned to live in a physical world. By whom, one may ask? We are prepared by the society, religion, media, family, or friends to inhale and accept predefined ideas.

Please answer this question. What is poison? Most people, including myself, will immediately think of a substance that attacks our internal organs, infects our blood, etc. In reality, there are many types of poisons. Poison is nothing but an energy that unbalances our self-energy, bringing it down. The etymology of the word poison comes from the French, but the root word is from the Latin “potionem.” That is a drink that infects your body. However, this idea comes only when people then and now used to live in a physical world, and we forgot the spiritual one.

Poison can be used against your body as well as your mind. Did you know the expression “He tries to poison my mind?” That is correct because the mind is an invisible entity that can do extreme harm when is provoked. And it can harm the self most of the time. Everything is about fear lately when we watch TV or listen to or read the news. So, what do we do? We poison our minds. And all the mental issues humanity has are because of this type of poisoning; our minds only create panic attacks, depression, or anxiety. And the mind is so powerful that, at some point starts to alter our bodies physically. And yes, it can be in a good way or a catastrophic one. When the promoted ideas are accepted, and we look at the future with fear, we immediately become anxious, and our minds start moving in a circle without a chance of escaping that fear. All the scenarios we create, after all, reflect the dark energy we have received, and we believe we cannot escape. We look daily at the news with fear and sometimes dissatisfaction if nothing terrible has happened. We learn to live in a lower vibration, believing that is the new normal. We ultimately arrive at the end of our adventure, leaving this place without completing our proposed tasks. If we do so, we can consider ourselves suicidal because we have taken mental poison day by day until it killed us.

What can we do? How can we escape the wrath of society? The answer is straightforward. We return to spirituality and our basic sense of being with God, knowing that everything that happens here is only an illusion. Then nothing wrong can happen because we will return home to Heaven. When we realize and have no doubt that we are here temporarily and need just to experience and progress, there is nothing to be afraid of. The more challenging obstacles are, the better the adventure.

How can we stop poisoning ourselves? First, we need to cut down on the news, or the negative information, I may say. It is like going to rehab when we are addicted because news and media channels are merely addictions. So, little by little, we need to phase them out. Return to nature, spend more time in a park, meditate, and contemplate. We must clean up the junk accumulated during one or more live times. We must regain the connection with the source by removing the poison, the parasite channels that interfere and mess with us, and after all, we may recover the pure state of God’s consciousness that will set us free. That is the ultimate truth and the answer to our prayers.