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Today I have posted an answer for a question on Quora.

Q: Why doesn’t God consider appearing to humans in order to prove to non-believers that He exists? And then everyone will worship Him and not be banished to hell for not believing.

A: God appears every day in our lives. Everything is a miracle, from a baby born to a tree growing from a tiny seed or a Sun that comes daily for our delight. We can continue with those examples forever, but if we turn our back to the light, we will never experience it.

I will tell you a joke that may help you understand.

Three lost travelers met a monk. They asked for help, and the monk did not hesitate to walk with them, showing them the way.

During this time, they started chatting, and the travelers, who were non-believers, asked the monk why God did not give them a sign to prove his existence. The monk started praying, asking God for a sign.

In a matter of seconds, the clear sky was covered with clouds, and rain poured heavily for a couple of minutes and then stopped.

“Well, that is not a sign, just the weather; we know how weather can change,” said the travelers.

The monk did not give up and prayed even harder for another sign. The next minute the mountain in front of them parted in two with considerable noise and then became whole again.

“Again, what kind of sign is that? We know science, just a little arrangement of the tectonic plates,” the travelers commented again.

This time the monk prayed for an undoubtful sign. The next second, God, in the form of a huge human face, appeared in the sky and started talking with a kind but powerful voice. “I am God, and I ask you to listen to the monk. Believe, and your lives will have meaning,” God says.

This time the travelers were stunned for a moment, and then one of them said: “Well, it is still three of us and only two of you; we believe in majority rule, and we say God does not exist.”

However, I do not believe people will be banished if they do not believe in God because when you are a good, compassionate person and serve and help others, you follow the built-in feature given by God, so you still follow him. So, that is the reason everyone serving and loving others will undoubtedly be in Heaven when the time comes.

What I did not realize is that question was promoted by a Quora space called “atheism now.”

I did not mean to insult anyone, and I believe my answer did not do so. However, my answer got denied a, and I quote here “Reason for declining: Thanks for submitting to this Space. Unfortunately, we can’t accept your submission at this time. Please see our submission guidelines. Stories are not evidence, they’re stories. Just stories.”

As I respect anyone, I did not get offended, and I believe whoever created the space has the right to do anything with it as long as they follow Quora’s policy.

However, out of curiosity I have looked at their space, and I was surprised to see that many answers there have no credibility nor evidence.

I give you an example here of their QA:

Q: Do atheists understand that there will never be proof of God, therefore they just have to trust?

A: Of course, there will never be proof of God. Welcome to Atheism.

Q: Can one actually live without committing a sin?

A1: Sin is an entirely religious concept.

I have never committed a sin in my life, nor has any other atheist.

A2: Everyone lives without Sin. Sin is an offense against a god. Since no gods exist, Sin cannot exist.

Q: Why don’t atheists realize their world view is absurd?

A: Atheism is not a world view, and I doubt you know what 500 million of us think about the world, so shut the hell up.

As you can see, all of the questions/answers mentioned above have no evidence nor intelligent content. However, those answers have been approved. It most likely it was just my point of view that offended them.

This space group and others are just a place for people to inflate their ego and their anger. It does not even matter how the space is called or what it does. Basically, most of the time, we do the best as mediators to ignore any contradicting opinion since ours are already formed. People only like to confirm their opinions, and not expand their universe and have an open mind.

And do not get me wrong, same applies for Quora religious spaces.

Once again, do not want to insult anyone or challenge them, but just to express a point of view about the path that many of us take.


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  1. I don’t believe in god(s)

    1. mihail says:

      I respect everyone’s opinions and beliefs. I am happy you read my article and wish you all the best.

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