Heaven is for real


Many of us have seen the movie or have read the book “Heaven is for real”. It is about a boy who got very sick and almost died in a hospital bed. But he came back with amazing stories about Heaven.

It is very interesting that we are trying all our lives to do good and ultimately to go to Heaven, but when we hear this kind of stories we tend to say they are not true. Why would that be? Because we have doubt, and doubt is caused by fear, we are afraid that is not true, that is no Heaven and we will die and be dead.

I have pretty recently an amazing experience. I had a hypnosis session, past life regression, and I found myself in Heaven. It is beautiful, more than we can imagine, and the feeling was and still is indescribable, amazing. Yes, heaven is for real and my experience has been shared by many of us when a past life regression session took place or traumatic experiences such a major accident or sickness. How is looking like? It is looking the way you wanted to see it, but the feeling will be the same: complete happiness and love. To me was bright and in thousands or more colors, and we are all light beings. Do not be afraid my brothers and sisters, enjoy life and Heaven will come. We will cry together, we will love together, we will be happy together because we are WE.

If you didn’t see the movie “Heaven is for real” please watch it, try to stay away from the religious point of view, because the movie is truly amazing,