What is pain? How do we live pain free?

Nobody likes pain, either physical or emotional distress. Pain is a very complicated feeling, and it manifests in tens or hundreds of forms. Why we do not like pain? We do not like it because every single body including human and nonhuman form suppose to live in harmony with the universe. Then, how is the pain creating disharmony? It does not. It is just the result of the imbalance that we have created within our bodies or minds. Once we created that imbalance, the Universe is telling us that we created a disharmony and as a result or as a signal we may say, pain is becoming present. When we understand this simple logic, we understand that pain is not an enemy but a friend. If it would not be present, we will quickly destroy this harmony. Let’s take an example of physical pain and considering the universe our body because the body is nothing but a universe of the universes. We may have a headache every day, and instead of searching within us why do we have it, we take a pill. That pill is easing our pain but is not fixing us; it is not fixing the imbalance. If we keep doing it every day when we have that headache we be ending with much worse problems. Our universe is collapsing. In our society, we have learned to ignore our body and mind signals. We are working too hard, we become stressed, we leave in fear and all together create the imbalance. We have to fix that imbalance and restore our pure energy, and that will help us to leave pain free.
How about emotional pain? “My girlfriend or boyfriend left me,” or “I lost a loved one.” How can we fix that pain? That fix will come with more understanding of ourselves. We have to learn acceptance and love. That should be the first lesson that we would be reminded of in school. We came here on Earth to experience limitations, and we have to accept what we cannot change. We have to find the inner peace that is entirely independent of the outside world. Yes, we will experience all these feeling of sorrow, sadness but we will understand them as part of the experience called life, but we should not let them interfere with the cosmic balance of ourselves.