What Is Fate?

When we accept fate, we do create a thought that is attached to us at all times. This thinking is something that we create and is not a punishment or a predefined path. We must understand that life is like a tree with an infinite number of branches. We can choose one way or another, and we may be ending differently. We all have a plan we came within this life, and we must achieve that goal if we want to fulfill our cycle of Karma.
Like any development, we bring with us in this life a purpose that we want to achieve, and that is not fate because we do not necessarily accomplish it. We may mess up following a wrong branch of the tree. We would not have to say wrong, but that is just for us to understand how do we deviate from the plan. Lao-Tzu said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” We must change direction if we do not want to end up with our “fate.” We must point precisely where do we want to go before navigating the tree.

We keep talking about fate, and some of us believe that is something that it must happen, and we cannot correct. The thing is if we think that way it will happen. If we presume that we are victims and that is our fate, we will be victims. That is, however, the law of attraction and it is also is the result of living in comfort and laziness. We give up in changing our paths, and as a consequence, we get to the end of the line that we call fate, where in reality is just one of the many possibilities in life. There is no fate but the one we choose. We also heard many times that “He or she was predestined for greater things in life.” However, again that is our plan, and we can be too ambitious before coming into existence here on Earth, or just our role is to create significant events for our evolution.

We can accept what we call “fate” at any point, but mostly it happens when we give up. Destiny is not a mean to an end but an illusion that we make up when we renounce our purpose in life.
The bottom line is that fate is just a trick that interferes with our state of affair and not a predefined destination by a cruel God.