Did We Find the Truth of the Universe and Its Origin?

As scientists, we claim to know or to have robust theories about the creation of the Universe and how it is functions. The truth is that we know so little and almost every theory is invalidated in time. We evolve and the same it is happening with our understandings. The more we understand, the more we realize there is much more to learn. One thing is for sure: the Universe is a magnificent creation, and it is so perfect that it is hard to say that is no intelligence behind. The question is what that intelligence is? Scientists are trying to come with different hypothesizes and theorems, but somehow they refuse to acknowledge the existence of something more significant than we can imagine in a physical world. We call it God and that word it does not make the scientists comfortable. On the other hand we, the scientists are not different from us, the spiritual people and as a matter, it is not a condition that being into science cannot be spiritual. Spirituality and science will do a greater job if they coexist. It cannot be any evolution if we go one way only. Not to be confused by the religions which are becoming more and more obsolete, not because they are not right but because through time people took control of the truth and distorted it.

When we discover and rediscover the truth, the science becomes truthful, and the spirituality becomes scientific. The image and the thought of God are reminding us of the creation, and that is the primary impulse in keeping us going. We want to know God and meet with God which we are doing every single day even without realizing it. God is all that is, and we are only trying to understand. That is all. However, one understanding comes from living a life as a human and another when moving away from here. We know and experience the Universe in this dimension as well as we can experience it in astral plane or other dimensions. One thing is for sure. We are at the beginning of the journey, and we must continue it. One danger is ahead of us though, and that is ourselves. We are the ones stopping or turning back. That is happening when we forget the creation itself or as we should say when we forget God.