How Important Are We As Individuals?

Many times we may have an identity crisis. We feel that we are not essential and the world without us would be just the same. The thing is that we must identify ourselves with the mass consciousness and not with an individual one. Individuality we must use when is coming to our experiences. That is what makes us different. Other than that our enemies want us divided. That is the reason we have heard the expression promoted by leaders “Divide and conquer.” Once that we become one isolated cell we are vulnerable and become an expression of depression and unhappiness. Some want to use that for control, and that is a well-known fact, but if we come to the realization that we are all one we cannot be tricked any longer. Let’s get for instance one of the jobs that I have seen over the Internet is being done regarding tree plantations. In India, China, Pakistan or some countries from Africa it was an initiative of planting one million of trees which is a very noble and selfish cause to save us from pollution. However, who is going to do it? There are tens of thousands of people being mobilized for such action. Imagine then you are one of them. If you leave that job, there is not a big deal. Still, the rest will finish maybe a little later. Now if more and more people decide to give up the job could be in jeopardy. That problem occurs when more and more of us give up and believe into the system. Selfishness and insecurity go hand in hand. Imagine now that we all put our differences aside. What we can accomplish is unimaginable. We literally can create Heaven on Earth only if stand together. But this expression “Stand Together” got so polluted that we do not believe in it any longer. Still, we unlearn the wrong way and return to God’s love, and that will do it.
Once, In a hypnosis session, one of my clients passed over on the other side, and she said: “I feel like an atom in an infinite molecule, and I feel insignificant and extremely important at the same time.” The metaphor of that saying I found it so beautiful and powerful that I felt being part of it as well, right here on Earth. That is the simple message that we carry with us all along. It is just someone, or a group of individuals work so hard to make us forget. On the other hand every single one of us who remember must pass the message of awakening to others, and that will be the best protection of all.